We are driving growth through a combination of efficacy, innovation, creative and persistent marketing and excellent partnerships. Our key strengths are development and marketing of innovative and highly efficacious health care products supported by clinical data.


Over the past 20 years LaCorium Health has developed an international footprint covering over 40 countries


LaCorium Health is above all a family business, born out of a shared passion for healthcare and designed with the needs of a family in mind. At LaCorium Health, we understand that our ability to continue to grow and develop in the future is strongly linked to the network of associates that we surround ourselves with. LaCorium Health’s success model is based on its proactive approach in building strong, mutually productive relationships with business partners.

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    Driven by a desire to provide effective, affordable, accessible skincare solutions to common problems, LaCorium Health’s core aim is to improve the quality of life for our customers. We continue to invest in and create innovative products that truly make a difference, and will strive to share this mission across the globe, now and in the future.