Started in 1990, the business has always had a focus on developing innovative and efficacious products formulated to exceed users expectations. This constant desire for efficacy together with innovation has developed into a business generating brand loyalty and trust through millions of products now sold around the world.

Owners Steven and Shelley Sher have always been committed to the goal of helping people and, treating their skin concerns with products that work epitomised this goal.

The calling to find solutions to common skin and health concerns, was further amplified when they themselves were dealing with a family member who was struggling with ongoing skin irritation which lead to the trialling of umpteen products and potential solutions.

According to Steven, “Investing in research, technology and product testing is a focus of the company, in order to make sure that we can say with absolute confidence the our products not only work, but work effectively and quickly. And that they make you feel better allowing you to live your life with confidence, doing the things you love.”